To All Aba’s Children

Shine bright like a diamond as Rihanna would say but instead of fashion I am taking about Jesus shining through you brighter than a diamond.  And, I am referring to a diamond because you are valuable to me. I will use the dirt of your sins and make you shine brighter.  You will learn to keep your eyes on me to stay washed clean and keep your diamond clean so that it can continue to shine with my Holy Spirit. I love you child but make sure not to get to prideful and summit to me and let me keep you clean. Guard your mouth and speak only truth and love to everyone you encounter. I will guide you through this journey of life you just need to learn to trust me through it all. The good, bad, and ugly. You are mine and you do no wrong in my eyes. You can mess up and fall in the mud but I will bring the hose out and wash you clean so that you don’t drag that mess of dirt through out your home.  It is so important that you keep your eyes on me otherwise that dirt with drag along with you and through out your home. Its much easier to get washed clean outside before you drag it around your life. I will make sure that you are seen as the diamond I created. There are so many diamonds but I created you all different.  I even made you all shine different. Some shine in the sun and some shine in the rain.  It’s how I made you and you’re perfect that way.  Don’t hide your engagement to me because I would never hide my engagement to you. I love you like you are the only person on the planet and I would have had Jesus die on the cross just for you. Don’t commit adultery because I am and will always be faithful to you.  Don’t lie or steal because I will always give you everything I have and love you infinitely. I will never take away the gifts that I gave to you.  I planned your life before it began and much after. You have tests to pass but you will also fail. I know all of this so there is no need to worry because I am with you always. When you fall down I kneel down to you and kiss your forehead and stick out my hand to help raise you back up.  You are a chosen warrior for my Army in Heaven and I am training you to lead this army.  Are you ready to take up your sword and follow me through every trial you will face? If you’re not ready to go to war then you need to start preparing for what’s to come. My word is your sword my child and you need to consume it like breakfast lunch and dinner. I will use this to make you a leader and strong with no wavering.  You Are my chosen leader.

Love Aba father,
Daddy God